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Shelter My Heart

Shelter My Heart, the second novel in the Caught Up in Love series, was selected by Kindle Scout for publication with Kindle Press! SMH launched on May 16th. Digital exclusive on Amazon, available in trade paperback at all online retailers. Check out reviews, and please consider leaving one if you choose to explore Jenny & Devon’s story.

Two Weeks. One Life-Changing Proposal.
Devon, an ailing, young CEO-in-training due to inherit his dead father’s conglomerate saves the day for Jenny, an engaged young woman on her way home to see her family. To repay his kindness, she agrees to be his date for his family’s annual society gala and convince the board that he’s healthy and going to marry. Two weeks are all Devon needs, and two weeks are all Jenny can give—until the stakes rise, forcing Jenny to answer the question: How far is she willing to go to save Devon’s life?


Book of Four Rings, the third full length novel in The Angelorum Twelve Chronicles, has been pushed to this summer due to scheduling issues, and the need to reorder my production schedule to accommodate the third book in the Caught Up in Love series, Surrender My Heart. My apologies for all the delays with this novel, but sometimes life trumps all. I love these characters and don’t want to sell them short!

An Investment Banker. A Rock Star. A Linguist. A Scientist. A Martial Artist. Cara, Brett, Irene, and Michael will have to stretch the limits of Heaven itself to uncover what’s really at stake to save humanity in the final battle of good and evil. Join their journey as they search for the Book of Four Rings which holds the secrets to final battle between good and evil.

All of Raine’s recipes from his column Recipes from Raine’s Roost (aka Jillian’s Kitchen), which first appeared on USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog, are now available in the blog section.

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