Shelter My Heart

Shelter My Heart

Genre: Romantic Women’s Fiction
Audience: Ages 18+; Adult language and content

Publisher: Collins-Young Publishing LLC
ISBN-13: 978-0-997062-32-8
Format: Trade Paperback 5.5×8.5

Kindle Press (An Amazon Publishing Imprint)
ISBN (eBook)

May 2017!

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Shelter My Heart

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Two Weeks. One Life-Changing Proposal.

Devon, an ailing, young CEO-in-training due to inherit his dead father’s conglomerate saves the day for Jenny, an engaged young woman on her way home to see her family. To repay his kindness, she agrees to be his date for his family’s annual society gala and convince the board that he’s healthy and going to marry. Two weeks are all Devon needs, and two weeks are all Jenny can give—until the stakes rise, forcing Jenny to answer the question: How far is she willing to go to save Devon’s life?


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Release Date: May 2017
eBook: $3.49
Trade Paperback: $18.95


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Praise for the Caught Up in Love series

“O’Connor’s contemporary romance is very realistic and will tug on the heartstrings of probably more readers than she expected…Jillian and Raine have faced a lifetime’s worth of secrets and heartbreaks…you’ll want to cheer them on until the very end.” ~RT Book Reviews, 4 stars

“O’Connor’s contemporary romance is very realistic and will tug on the heartstrings of probably more readers than she expected…Jillian and Raine have faced a lifetime’s worth of secrets and heartbreaks…you’ll want to cheer them on until the very end.” ~RT Book Reviews

“The plot is driven by a May-December premise that is blown away in the sexy love scenes.” ~Library Journal

“L.G. O’Connor’s Caught Up In Raine is an imaginative read that gives us heartbreak and sadness, but also allows us to experience what it would be like to have that feeling of ‘young love’ again.… For all the contemporary romance fans out there, this book is for you.” ~Night Owl Reviews

“Urban fantasy author O’Connor (Trinity Stones) branches out into romantic women’s fiction with a sexy tale of angst, guilt, love, and hate.” ~Publishers Weekly

“LG O’Connor had me at “hello” with this plot. Phenomenal writing skills at work is what has made Caught Up in Raine a hard to beat Romance for 2016…” ~HEA Romances with a Little Kick Blog

“This story is both beautiful and haunting…I loved every second of this sexy, sweet and romantic book!!!” ~The Romance Reviews, Top Pick, 5 stars

“O’Connor delivers a unique women’s fiction story packed with emotion, humor and sexiness. I could not turn the pages quickly enough…” ~Caridad Pineiro, NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Romance Author

“Caught Up in Raine brought me to laughter and to tears. O’Connor’s characters are complex, with strengths, fears, insecurities, and a depth of emotion that bring them to vibrant life on the page.” ~The Romance Dish

Q&A with LG O’Connor

This book is part of a series. Tell us about your series.

Shelter My Heart is the second novel in the Caught Up in Love trilogy which centers around three New Jersey women: romance writer Jillian Grant, her sister Katherine “Kitty” McNally Lynch, and Kitty’s daughter Jenny Lynch. All part of a family that is plagued by loss, each woman harbors her own guilty secret and must journey through her own personal pain to find redemption and ultimately surrender her heart for a second chance to get ‘caught up’ in love…

What books have influenced your life the most?

The most profound books I’ve ever read have left indelible marks on me. They all share the same characteristics: flawed characters I’ve fallen in love with; heroic acts on their road to self-discovery; sacrifices in the name of love; and stories that have left me with a feeling of hope.

Why do you write what you write?

Great question! I’ve been an avid reader my entire life, and have read everything from classics to pulp. Being a fast reader, I’ve never let the size of a book deter me. If anything, the bigger the better as long as the story is good and the characters are engaging. I read to escape with characters I can love, and for that profound ‘something’ the leaves me with a book hangover when I’m finished. I try to write with the same things in mind, and since I like to stick with characters for a little while, I’m drawn to series. But when it gets down to it, I write books that I want to read.

Given that you are still in the middle of writing an epic Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance series that won’t be fully released until mid-2017, what inspired you to switch genres midstream and write a romantic women’s fiction novel?

Funny, I didn’t choose to be a writer, it chose me. The same thing happened with this story. The first chapter in CUIR was inspired by something that actually happened, and became the impetus for writing the book.

Late on a Friday afternoon in August 2013, I made a trip to the hospital to see my childhood friend’s father who had emergency heart surgery. Just like Vera, he was eighty-two years old. I’d known him my entire life and loved him like an uncle. He had just finished having a dialysis treatment and was fast asleep when I arrived. So I sat there for about an hour quietly reflecting. It was the last time I saw him alive.

At the time of my visit, I was finishing copyedits for my first novel, TRINITY STONES. As I drove toward the exit on the hospital grounds, I spotted a landscaping crew planting trees. You guessed it…one of the landscapers looked just like a character in my series, a rock star name Brett King. Tanned, muscular, long blond hair… I was so tempted to jam on the brakes and ask him to be my cover model. Of course, I didn’t. But that left me with the question: what would’ve happened if I had? The result is Caught Up in RAINE, the first novel in the Caught Up in Love trilogy.

Are there any writers in the contemporary romance / women’s fiction genres who particularly influenced you?

In this genre, I prefer reading new adult, a sub-genre of contemporary romance. When I wrote CUIR, new adult was taking off. I adored the immediacy of using dual first person point-of-view. I’m seeing it more and more. I decided to go the route of Jasinda Wilder and use first person, present tense. There are a lot of people who find that choice like nails on a chalkboard, but I think it lends itself to a fast-moving story with deep point-of-view. Even though CUIR is classified as romantic women’s fiction, I used the conventions I loved so much in new adult because it was plain fun to write, and added the energy that I wanted.

Some of the writers I’ve read recently who inspire me most are: Colleen Hoover for her brave, angst-filled contemporary romance, Elizabeth Hunter for her engaging cast of characters and world-building, and Sarah J. Maas for her grip on both epic fantasy storylines, and her strong, delicious characters.

You used a local setting close to where you live. Any particular reason why you chose suburban towns rather than the big city locales of your fantasy series?

Well, for one, I’ve lived in both Chatham and Summit, New Jersey. Choosing a local setting gave me the advantage of knowing the locations well enough to write from my own experience. Another advantage in “staying local” is that it gives me a logistical advantage to go deep in my local market without traveling, and yet bring all those relationships and resources to bear. Plus, I get a warm feeling driving through the towns, and seeing the real-life buildings that including half expecting to see my characters.

Tell us about the cover and the inspiration for it.

The cover shows Jenny and Devon at the gala event which is the epicenter of the story. Devon’s looks shows his true desire for Jenny in that moment, while Jenny lets us, the readers, in on the ruse she and Devon are playing at the gala. I think it captures the moment perfectly.

What draws you to this genre?

Falling in love and finding the one is probably the best gift we can ever be given. Whether reading or writing romance, I enjoy watching flawed couples overcome obstacles, dig deep inside themselves to grow and evolve, and ultimately, earn their happy ever after or happy for now.

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