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Recipes from Raine's Roost
“One Guy's Guide to Saving the Day with Food”

Raine's Roost in the Wild

Awesome news! Thank you for all your support! Last week's Kindle pre-release of Recipes from Raine's Roost, based on Raine's guest run on USA TODAY's  Happy Ever After blog, reached #3 on Amazon under Gastronomy Essays behind Anthony Bourdain!

Amazon Best Seller List Raine's Roost at #3

Who would enjoy this book? Anyone who likes quick & easy recipes. Most are on the healthy side, and there are a few holiday recipes. Raine thinks it would make a great holiday gift for anyone who wants to look like a culinary rock star to their significant other, especially that special someone who tends to set off the fire alarm when they are within 20 feet of a kitchen.

Author-signed 5-pack print book bundles ($40 + Shipping) available direct from me in time for holiday shopping! Just fill out a contact form on!

Book Description:

One Guy's Guide to Saving the Day with Food

For the record, this cookbook was Jillian's idea. So was the hashtag, #hotguycooks. She thought I should share my mad cooking skills with the world. Well, maybe not the whole world, but people like me who have partners with an aversion to kitchens. We can't let them starve, can we?

For those of you who don't know me, when I first met Jillian all she had in her fridge was a jug of water, a jar of mustard and a half loaf of bread. Her freezer was empty except for an old bag of ice. I thought, “Damn, what does this woman eat?” Now I'm the only thing standing between real food and Jillian living on a steady diet of yogurt, cold cereal, and chocolate.

This isn't your ordinary cookbook. It's more like a medley of favorite recipes, some seasonal, all done Raine-style. Check 'em out. I skew toward organic when it comes to ingredients, and where I can, I substitute a healthy option. #sorrynotsorry. Most of my recipes come with tips, advice, and a small slice of my life with Jillian. The goal: to make
you look like a culinary rock star to your significant other. So, come on, step inside the Roost. Poke around and see what's cooking. Pull up a chair and hang out. The kitchen's open.


Raine MacDonald is the sexy hero of the award-winning Caught Up in RAINE, the first novel in the Caught Up in Love series by L.G. O'Connor. Raine's recipes were first seen as posts on USA Today's Happy Ever After blog. Follow Raine on Twitter at @Raines_Roost, and check out L.G. O'Connor and her other books at


US Readers ONLY:

Want to win a signed print copy of Recipes from Raine's Roost? I'm giving out 5 author-signed copies! Just send an email to with the SUBJECT “Hey Raine, Recipe 911!” (That was Raine's idea! Kind of like a culinary bat signal) Include your ADDRESS in the body of the email.

5 Winners will be chosen using a random number generator on Friday, October 27th!

Readers outside the US ONLY:

I'm gifting 3 digital copies from Amazon of The Caught Up in Raine Collection! Get Jillian & Raine's whole story! Just send an email to with the SUBJECT “Jillian & Raine, what's the story?” (Again, Raine's idea. There's no accounting for humor!) Include your preferred email address in the body of the email.

3 Winners will be chosen using a random number generator on Friday, October 27th!


My offer continues for anyone who purchases a digital copy of Recipes from Raine's Roost now through October 31st.


Happy October! Chat again soon…

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