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In Hope’s Prelude, enter the world of the Angelorum with scientists Sandra and Tom for a glimpse of the story before it begins as they sacrifice everything to give the Twelve a fighting chance of success against Lucifer and his Dark One minions. If contemporary romantic suspense is more your style, meet Jenny and Devon ten months before their story begins for one summer day and a brush with fate. Both include bonus chapters for the full-length stories that follow.

Hope’s Prelude, a prequel novella in the Angelorum Twelve Chronicles. While dealing with visions of her death, Dr. Sandra Wilson races against the clock to develop a genetic vaccine that will, in the future, save the life of the one who will lead the final battle between angels and demons.

One Summer Day, a prequel novelette to Shelter My Heart, the second book in the Caught Up in Love series. She’s haunted by nightmares of the past. He’s bound to a future he can’t escape. All they want to do is forget for one summer day…

"A unique twist of the angels vs. demons mythology that blends science with religion and includes characters that grab you by the heart!" - Maria V. Snyder, New York Times Bestselling Author

"A well-polished, wonderfully written love story driven by believable characters whose strengths and flaws add complexity to a fairy-tale romance." ~IndieReader, 4.5 stars (Shelter My Heart)